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Persimmon recruit Andover College students

Here at Andover, we ensure that our students have not just the knowledge and experience to go into the industry but also opportunities awaiting. This is why we have built strong links with business and employers to enhance our students’ job prospects once they’ve finished their studies at Andover College.   

Recently, Paul Coombes, Head of Construction from Persimmon Homes came in to meet  construction students who completed their course with us last year. Over recent years, Persimmon have taken on Andover College Students to work on the Picket Twenty site and they were interested in doing the same this year.   

Four of our class of 2019 alumni are now working for Persimmon after a successful trial, which has led to the start of their career in the sector. We are proud to see our students progress into the industry and will continue to give our students the building blocks to do so.   

David Wales, Assistant Principal (Professions), said: “Working with a company like Persimmon gives our students a fantastic opportunity to put the skills they learn with us to good use as they take the first steps in their careers.” 

Paul Coombes, Head of Construction from Persimmon Homes, said: “We set up a programme with Andover College to offer jobs to Level 2 qualified bricklayers and train them to be faster and better bricklayers over a two-year period. Then they can form part of a gang and build houses on their own.”  

Our Construction courses, Bricklaying, Carpentry and Joinery and Electrical Installation, are taught in our industry-standard workshops by professionals with extensive experience in the sector.