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Andover College’s Chemistry Lecturer apart of Pearson’s Practical Series

Andover College’s Chemistry Lecturer, Paul Roberts, has taken part in Awarding Organisation, Pearson’s, practical series. This series includes videos of pre-recorded science practicals for GCSE student’s to view and take part in.  

Paul demonstrated eight practical lessons; composition of inks, investigating pH on powdered calcium hydroxide to hydrochloric acid, preparing crystals of copper sulfate, electrolysis of copper sulfate with copper electrodes, investigation into the rate of reaction, acid-alkali titration, identifying the ions in unknown salts and investigation the temperature rise produced in a known mass of water by combustion of the alcohols ethanol-pentanol. 

Paul Roberts, Chemistry Lecturer, said: “I was delighted to team up with Pearson to use Andover College’s modern Chemistry lab to film the Core Practical videos last summer. All students have had to adapt to a new way of learning in recent times and I hope that these practical videos will be an extra resource to help with their learning. Even though we are currently teaching via online lessons at the college, this experience was quite a change from normal teaching in the laboratory with a five-person film crew footage (safety measures in place), bright lights and all the extra ‘B-roll. As enjoyable as the experience was, I’ll stick to teaching A Level Chemistry as my day job!” 

Ben Stokes, Vice Principal (Curriculum), said: “We are proud of Paul being selected for this project and it Is a great opportunity to show off the great teaching, facilities and resources we have at the college. Paul is renowned for his commitment to delivering a practical orientated curriculum which allows students to put complex topics into context within industry. This method of teaching proves to be beneficial to students as our Chemistry students continue to achieve top results in their A Levels and progress onto top Universities around the UK.” 

We hope students, teachers and technicians across the region find these resources as a good support tool to help carry out these GCSE core practicals in class when school’s re open again. But are also an excellent for resource remote learning while this is not possible.  They can of course be used as a revision tool as well. You can access these resources here –