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We’re Better Together – Music Academy students produce lockdown single

Lockdown hasn’t stopped our students getting the best learning experience, especially in our practical subjects. Our Music Academy students have come together to produce a full cover of Better Together by Jack Johnson.  

The students have led the project from start to finish. They spent their time learning the song, recorded using their own equipment at home and pulled it all together to produce the final record. They then spent the time creating a music video to go with the track.  

Working on a project like this gives students experience for their future careers in the industry. Not only does this give them general industry experience, it also gives them an idea of how music is created and released in the current climate.  

You can listen to the cover and watch the music video here –  

Chris Earle, Music Performance Lecturer, said: “The music students have been hit particularly hard by lockdown, as a large part of their course involves making music and doing performances together. Releasing a lockdown single gives them an idea of how music is being put together in the industry during a pandemic and gives them that sense of collaboration even when they can’t physically share a stage. We loved the message of the song and although things are ‘better when we’re together’ we’re still connected and we’re not going to let a pandemic stop us doing what we love.” 

Sam, Music Performance Student, said: “When the idea of making a music video with all the performing music students can to mind, I thought this would be a great idea. It’s being able to do what we do best and work towards something together whilst making light of being at home where we can’t perform and show people what we’ve been up to. It was such a blast creating the video, as well as recording our own individual tracks for the song. It was a massive team effort to make it, and shows, no matter what, music can still be created. Well done all!” 

Corey, Music Performance and Production Student, said: “Though each of us have different musical inputs and tastes on the course, we are taught to appreciate each other’s individuality and playing style. I think working together is the most important skill a musician can learn, and the video is a shining example of this.” 

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