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Apprenticeships at Andover College

An Apprenticeship is a training programme designed to develop job-related skills, knowledge and competencies in a particular professional area. We offer a fantastic choice of apprenticeships in a wide variety of professions!

Members of our dedicated Apprenticeship Team offer advice and information about the benefits of the Apprenticeship programme, something that we believe in whole-heartily as we employ several apprentices of our own.

Watch our Apprenticeships video to find out why an apprenticeship is the perfect choice to boost your business or career!

  • Is an apprenticeship for me?

    For many, the term ‘Apprentice’ conjures up a particular image – a school leaver, probably on a vocational based training scheme. And although there are many school leaving Apprentices of this nature, there are also many maturer, professional learners working in any number of professional sectors. Read our Apprenticeship Myth Buster here

  • Find out what our Apprentices have to say...

    Who better to hear from than our Apprentices and their employers about their experiences!

  • Step-by-step guide to Apprenticeships

    Download a step-by-step guide to Apprenticeships here , research your options and make an informed choice.

  • FAQs

    We often get asked the same questions, from the benefits to an employer of hiring an Apprentice to how career prospects for Apprentices compare to university graduates. Take a look at our FAQs here

  • Essential Information

    To be eligible for an Apprenticeship programme, the Apprentice must be employed in an industry relevant to the Apprenticeship

    • The minimum wage for Apprentices is £3.30* per hour, but the average wage is around £170 per week
    • Training for Apprentices aged 16-18 is fully funded. For older Apprentices, employers are asked to contribute £800 towards the training costs
    • An Apprenticeship programme is tailored to deliver the skills and knowledge directly relevant to your business. For most programmes, the Apprentice will attend college one day a week and will need your support and training in work
    • A grant of £1500 is being made available to employers who employ their first apprentice aged 16-24**
    • Government Grant –  You could be eligible for a government grant to employ an Apprentice in England. You must pay the Apprentice at least the minimum wage during their placement with you, as well as work with experienced staff, learn job-specific skills and study for a work-based qualification during their working week, e.g. at a college or training organisation.

    *details correct at time of publishing **subject to eligibility terms and conditions

  • Meet the Team

    Our friendly and dedicated team are here to help at every step of the way, dealing with any issues that arise and making employing an apprentice a smooth and fulfilling process for you. Click here to meet our team!

For more information Call 0845 850 0916 or email

We also offer apprenticeships at our sister campus, Sparsholt College