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Outperforming colleges past and present, Andover campus celebrate the success of three-day CSI event 

Andover campus National Diploma Forensic and Criminal Investigation students put their studies into practise with the help of an external Crime Scene Investigation team simulating a crime scene for students to analyse. The exercise ran across three days, which saw students think meticulously about every step they took, and decision made, reflecting the expectations of a real-life scenario. 

Points were awarded for a range of activities, and they keep records of past schools and colleges that hold the record points tallies for each activity. 

We are delighted to share the following records broken by our students:  

Team ‘Marple’ scored the highest ever in Blood Analysis – taking a record from Grey Coat School held since 2019.  

Team ‘Holmes’ scored the highest ever in Fingerprint Analysis – taking a record from Grey Coat School held since 2017. 

Team ‘Morse’ scored the highest ever in Case Conclusions – taking a record held by Merton College since 2019. 

News of this incredible outperformance sheds a light on the quality of course on offer at Andover campus, the hard work of the students and that of the lecturers who dedicate their time to the subject.   

Paul Lovatt, Physics lecturer said: “Our teams have set two records this week and are worth celebrating. They have outperformed all other colleges past and present! A huge well done to all involved.” 

The students had an excellent time completing their Forensic module with this interactive event and we are proud to celebrate their success.  

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