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This morning, Level 3 Music Performance were visited by local singer/songwriter, Rob Butler as part of their Song writing & Composition unit.  

Rob talked the students through his creative process, picked apart the various stages of development of his songs and ended it all with a Q&A, where the students delved further into his methods and his musical ‘journey’ as a whole.   

Having shared the Rock House (Andover’s premier rock venue) stage with Rob last month, students were delighted to welcome Rob to the College to build on their studies from the expertise and knowledge of someone within the industry 

Rob Butler, singer/songwriter said: “When I studied music at college there was no dedicated songwriting and composition module, so figuring out songwriting years down the line was a challenge!”  

Ashley Wassell, Music, Performance and Production lecturer said: “For everyone in this group, this unit represents the first time that melodies and lyrical ideas will be developed into fully formed songs.  

Having visits from artists like Rob reassures the students that a phone filled with voice notes of half-baked ideas or chord progressions is absolutely normal and can be the start of some great songs!” 

Huge thanks to Rob from everyone at Andover Campus.