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Andover College Performing Arts and Dance Students Celebrate in End of Year Summer Show

Andover College’s Performing Arts and Dance Students hosted their annual End of Year Summer Dance Show on 23 May 2019. After months of hard work, their time and effort paid off in a brilliant sold out masterpiece at The Lights Theatre.

Student’s passion for their subject was obvious to the audience throughout the performance and they made Lecturers, friends and family proud. The performance showed off the dedication and hard work that the students and staff put into their work, showing why Ofsted rates performing arts department at Andover College as ‘Outstanding’!

Rob Collier, Curriculum Lead for Performing Arts said: “It’s amazing to see the hard work and dedication that goes into the show from the students and the staff. Being able to see routines, which involve different year groups working together as a company, highlights the professional approach that we are consistently pushing within Performing Arts. We are very proud of our Dance students and lecturers and the work that they consistently produce.”

Alicia Barnett, Dance lecturer said: “I am so proud of all the dance and performing arts students in our summer dance show. Everyone has worked hard to show off their dance skills and even choreograph their own routines, which demonstrates creativity and professionalism. Our students have been dedicated to each rehearsal working outside of their class hours to perfect their dance routines. I am looking forward to the future ahead for our talented college leavers.”

Cherie, first year Dance student, said: “I have really enjoyed working on our dance show as it has given me the opportunity to show off new dance styles that I have learnt since joining the college. It has also given me an idea of what the dance industry is like. The whole college environment is very supportive and in class they have made me feel confident in myself as an individual dancer.”

Andover Colleges Performing Arts department is a nurturing environment, which helps students grow and express themselves. With one to one support, the students get to become their best self while practising a subject they adore and preparing them for careers such as; Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Dance therapist and Personal Trainer/ Coach in the future.