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We have a highly experienced Student Wellbeing Team to ensure you are able to cope with any obstacles life throws at you and to offer advice and support.

Our Wellbeing Team includes specialist wellbeing practitioners, counsellors and nurses. The team are dedicated to listening and empowering you to resolve any challenges you might face
to enable you to be as successful as possible at college and beyond. We are focused on enabling learners to become increasingly independent learners and individuals, with the resilience to cope with the challenges they face now and in the future.

The Team provide our students with additional support and guidance for any worries or difficulties you have which are affecting your time at college including:

Our specialist team are always on hand to help and support students, if you have any concerns or need support please contact for further details.

Top 5 Tips

  • Make sure you eat well
  • Talk about exam nerves
  • Get enough sleep and exercise
  • Be organised
  • Take breaks from revision

Read more exam tips here

Other wellbeing tips

  • Balance studying with other activities you enjoy
  • Accept yourself! Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Unplug from technology every now and then
  • Focus on the effort you put in more than the outcome
  • Reward and treat yourself when good things happen

We have a dedicated Learning Support Team, who want to help you reach your potential. Our staff work across the college teams, organising and implementing a wide range of support programmes, each tailored to the learner.


  • In-class support
  • One-to-one support sessions
  • Study and assignment workshops
  • Access arrangements
  • Assistive technology

We also work closely with a variety of different partner agencies to ensure the best experience for our students. All students with an EHCP will be allocated a key worker.


This space includes a new student lounge, mindfulness room, medical treatment room, counselling suites, private garden and meeting pods. This will be a safe space which fosters positive wellbeing, personal growth and independent self-help strategies.

You will be allocated your own Progress Coach when you start college. The Progress Coach’s sole responsibility is to ensure that you have all the support required to fulfil your full potential. We believe in appointing experts to the role who will liaise with teaching staff and the Wellbeing Team to provide tailored guidance. Your Progress Coach will help you with any issues you have and will provide the coaching you need to succeed. The programme also offers extensive support for both higher education, employment and social welfare.

We would like to introduce our wellbeing dog, Romeo. Scientific studies
have proved that they can help students to calm down and relax during difficult times.
Researchers have found that students are significantly less stressed and anxious, and
even have increased happiness and energy, immediately following spending time in a
drop-in session with a dog present.

If you are uncomfortable with dogs, please let a member of staff know


Andover College has reaffirmed their commitment to staff and students by signing up to a brand new national mental health and wellbeing charter, which reflects the existing work of the college but provides a framework of recognition. This charter has been created by the Association of Colleges in conjunction with mental health experts.

The 11-point document includes commitments to:

  • Promoting equality of opportunity and challenging mental health stigma
  • Providing appropriate mental health training for staff
  • Providing targeted individual mental health support where appropriate

You can read more here.