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Tutoring Academy

Andover College is offering our Tutoring Academy in core subjects for year 11s throughout March. These tutorial lessons will be taught by our expert lecturers who will give attendees the foundation knowledge they need to start their course with us in September.

There will be two different tutorial sessions each week, Tuesday and Thursday 16:00 – 17:00, and you can find the timetable below. These events will be hosted via Microsoft Teams, in a meeting format, meaning that attendees can interact with the lecturers and their future classmates.

For all other subjects, we are going to be hosting a week of online masterclasses in Summer so keep an eye out for updates!

If you would like to take part in the English, History or Philosophy and Ethics sessions, please email

If you would like to take part in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography and Biology, please email

Date Subject
Thursday 4 March 2021English Language
Tuesday 9 March 2021Chemistry
Thursday 11 March 2021 English Literature
Tuesday 16 March 2021Physics
Thursday 18 March 2021History
Tuesday 23 March 2021Maths
Thursday 25 March 2021Geography
Tuesday 30 March 2021Biology
Thursday 1 April 2021Philosophy and Ethics

Meet the lecturers

Kristin Bailey

English Lecturer

“My favourite part of teaching English Language is the class debates we have. These are focused on fascinating topics such as why males and females talk differently and how political correctness alters our language.”

Paul Roberts

Chemistry Lecturer

“I studied Chemistry at the University of Nottingham where I gained a Masters qualification specialising in nuclear magnetic resonance. I went on to work in the oil industry for seven years managing an analytical laboratory in the Algerian Sahara. I’m passionate about chemistry and feel it’s important for you to understand the role Chemistry plays in everyday life and not just learning for the sake of it. I enjoy teaching a “practical rich” course, helping my students get to grasp with the fascinating and essential subject of Chemistry.”

Susannah Putigny

Humanities Curriculum Lead and English Lecturer

“I teach English (Language and Literature, and Literature) at Andover College. I love exploring how the real world is represented in books. It’s fascinating to find universal themes like love, loss, war and politics in literary texts from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Orwell and Atwood. Most of all, I love helping students find their own passion for writers and writing.”

Paul Lovatt

Physics Lecturer

“I have been teaching Physics, Maths, Science and ICT for over 25 years. Physics is my main subject and I have taught abroad in Spain and in China for many years. Physics is about how the Universe works on the very smallest and the very largest scales and is such a varied subject, with practical and IT skills as important as good maths and good English. We discover new things about our Universe every year and the body of scientific knowledge never stops expanding. Fascinating!”

Caroline Stapleton

History Lecturer

“Being able to teach History at Andover means that every day I get to share my favourite thing, learning about the past, with my students. A level History is an incredibly rewarding subject which can open so many doors into exciting careers and a wide range of University courses.”

Claire Reid

Maths Lecturer

“I enjoy the problem solving aspect of the A Level Maths course. This enables learners the time to collaborate, construct extended arguments and communicate solutions for both pure and applied maths problems. There is no wrong way to approach this work and encourages creativity and freedom to explore and extend their mathematical knowledge.”

Johnathon Read

Geography and Environmental Science Lecturer

“The best bit of geography is getting outside to learn, standing in the field saves 1,000 words as we immerse ourselves in the landscape of nature and the built environment and actually see the interaction of people and places.”

Hazel Munt

Biology and Environmental Science Lecturer

“The courses I teach cover many parts of science and they’re all so much fun to teach. I trained in marine and earth sciences, I love this aspect, drawing on my experiences and knowledge brings science to life, especially having Astrid our axolotl and applying her physiology to what we learn.”

Aaron Mills

Biology Lecturer

“I’ve always loved biology and never get tired of studying animals, plants, bacteria or viruses and how they all interact with each other. I enjoy sharing the amazing stories of how nature works, and how our understanding of it can help us make medicines or increase the amount of food we produce.”

Sam Brown

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Lecturer

“I teach A Level Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and Sociology. I am particularly interested in Eastern religions and philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism. I am also really interested in the sociological study of religion and social inequalities, particularly intersectional feminism and its application to different cultures and traditions. My favourite parts of the courses I teach are exploring gender within Buddhism, teaching ethics with reference to The Good Place and introducing Black Feminism in Sociology. It’s all about having an open mind and enjoying a good debate!”