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Top university destinations

At Andover College we do everything we can to set our students up for their future and prepare them for all the hurdles they may come across. This is why we are filled with pride when we get to see what all of our students accomplish. Previous students have gone on to progress to over 90 top university destinations. Take a look at the destinations that just a few of our recent graduates have progressed to.

“During the third year of my degree I was employed by Alstom/GE and moved to Switzerland for the year and now I’m going on to do a PGCE in Secondary Science.”

“I am currently working as a Lead Consultant at a Sports Marketing Agency based in London. We’re essentially commercial strategists and data geeks! It’s a great salary but more importantly I love my job!”

“It is nice to hear from the institution that inspired my success! My degree has certainly given me the numeracy and problem-solving skills that this role desires.”

“The Lecturers were all very friendly and approachable. They teach in a relaxed atmosphere and showed me the course contents in an easy way which made learning enjoyable. I definitely would not have achieved as much as I have without Andover College!”

“I feel a long way from Andover College (in distance and time), but I still look back fondly on my time, and still find occasionally in my medical lectures useful things from my A-levels popping back into my head to help me.”

“I am very happy with my career choice as this role is something I have been very passionate about. I will be forever grateful to my Health and Social Care lecturers for all the support they have given me and to Andover College for helping me to achieve this goal!”

“I am really happy with my job as I thrive when I’m learning, I am constantly challenged and it is an extremely varied role.”

“After college I went to study Fashion Menswear at Royal College of Art, during my time there I was awarded the Vogue Talent Prize at the International Talent Support event, and now I’m going on to work for Adidas.”

“The social element of the college and how well I got to know my peers gave me the confidence to make friends at the beginning of my University journey, enhancing my experience.”

“Even though my career choice has taken a very different turn to what I imagined when I was 16, I do not for one second feel as though I have wasted any time in education because my studies have provided me with skills that I will be forever grateful for.”

“Andover College really helped me to realise I’m actually capable of being in an educational environment which as you can imagine is incredibly helpful now I sit in lecture theatres with 150+ people. The main gift the college has given me is faith in myself and my craft. Once you have that, things seem more worth it.”

“After college I went on to study Fine art at UCA and now I’m going on to be an Art Consultant at Whitewall Galleries.”