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Science at Andover College


Our sciences course options give you the opportunity to learn how science works in the real world. The subject will open doors to your career as you develop knowledge and skills used in industry. 

There will be many opportunities for you to participate in practical projects and experiments alongside organisations such as the British Trust of Conservation Volunteers and The Anton River Conservation Association.   There is a yearly trip to Imperial College’s Genetics Department where we also visit the Science Museum.  You will have the opportunity to take part in workshops and lectures at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories near Oxford.   

The department holds a weekly Science Club where you get involved in a project of your own choosing. The department runs many trips including the highlight, 4 day trip to CERN and the French Alps in July, where we stay in Alpine huts on the shores of lake Geneva.     

With an excellent choice of courses on offer, you could progress on to employment in the industry, an apprenticeship or university. 



Maths, Chemistry, Biology an EPQ

I have definitely enjoyed the wide variety of trips for my subjects, especially for biology, as they are engaging, and I think they really help you to see why your courses are relevant to the modern world.