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Keeping spirits up during Lockdown!

Music - Christmas Gig

Ex-Andover College student Paige Dobson, 18, has been singing in her back garden and live streaming the performances on her Facebook page.  With opportunities to socialise and go out to hear music stopped due to social distancing rules, Paige decided to plug in her speakers and treat her neighbours and Facebook friends to a live music performance.

After completing her first performance, Paige has been doing performances weekly, most recently on Lockdown Festival’s Facebook page. Lockdown festival is an online festival with proceeds going to Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal.

We spoke to Paige and asked how she came up with the idea of putting on the performance and the reason behind it, and she said; “I wanted to be able to do something to keep people’s spirits up in these very strange times. I put a post on my local area’s notice board on Facebook asking if people thought it was a good idea and the response was all positive. During the performance, requests were being shouted across from garden to garden, people dancing and cheering.  It went down so well I was asked if I’d mind doing it again. I was then asked to go live on lockdown festival online which was raising money for Salisbury hospital Star Appeal, which is a great charity, so I put on a live gig from my kitchen.  Whatever we can all do to help each other through this, no matter how big or small it may seem, it all helps.”

Paige has received thousands of views on Facebook live performances, along with many comments complimenting her talent and thanking her for putting on the professional performances. Paige has played covers of songs from a wide range of artists such as Tones and I, Adele, Kings of Leon, Lewis Capaldi, Nicki Minaj and Billie Eilish.

Chris Earle, Music Lecturer at Andover College, said; “Paige was always a gifted performer at college and loved to help out the college bands with her vocals either doing harmonies or lead. It’s really great to see how she has progressed and we’re so glad she’s continued doing what she loves.”

We are so proud when we see our students go on to accomplish great things. We wish Paige the best of luck for her future.

Remember, stay home and stay safe.


* 2 photos taken by Blue Gorilla Pictures at previous college gig.