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Keeping Andover students safe in September


Keeping Andover students safe in September

Andover College’s dedicated staff have been working hard to implement a range of safety measures across the college, ensuring our students feel safe and secure when they arrive at the campus in September.

Taking both practical and logistical measures into account, the college has made changes to the transport, building navigation, and timetables for students arriving in the autumn term. Working with our expert Wellbeing team, the college is also ensuring that all students feel supported and confident to return or join the college.

Many Andover College students travel to college each day via bus or train. Lessons have been timetabled to take this into account. This allows for a staggered approach, so that those using public and college-arranged transport have time to arrive safely without impacting upon their learning.

In preparation for students arriving on site in September, practical changes have been made in all College buildings across the campus.  By introducing clear and easy to follow one-way systems, plenty of hand-sanitising stations, and providing any personal protective equipment that students might need, practical lessons on site can continue to run.

Through these challenging times, the college has made student wellbeing a priority. Assistant Principal, Ben Stokes, says “We’re looking forward to welcoming all students from September. We’ve had exceptional feedback from parents and students about online lessons but we’re excited at the thought of getting students back into the classrooms and workshops.”

Students showing symptoms and needing to self-isolate will continue to receive support from the college through online learning theory lessons should they feel well enough to do so. Ben Stokes continues: “Whatever the situation may be in September, we are confident that we will give our students the best learning experience.”

Nikki Yates, Head of Science and Maths and Psychology Lecturer, said: “We have had some good trial runs with face-to-face teaching where we have made sure that we have created a safe environment for the students. The students have felt safe coming back to college and they have also enjoyed being able to take part in face-to-face sessions and see their peers.”

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