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Andover students get a taste for life in the UK’s top Law institutions

Andover students get a taste for life in the UK’s top Law institutions

Andover College Law and Criminology students applied their legal skills and knowledge recently during a study trip to the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court in London. Visiting these two iconic establishments provided a rare insight into legal careers and how the law is decided upon at the highest level, taking their learning far beyond the realms of the classroom.

Students were taken on guided tours of the Supreme Court, the House of Lords and the House of Commons, meeting and speaking with key legal figures and elected lawmakers and spectating live cases and debates from the galleries. A workshop on the process of passing bills in the Education sector followed, where students were given the opportunity to create their own laws and learn how to action them through implementation of the correct motions.

Emma Cruickshank, Law Lecturer at Andover College said: “Two bills were initiated by students during the workshop at the Houses of Parliament around the theme of Education; the first was based around an equal minimum rate of pay across all ages and the other on the removal of university fees in the UK. In our curriculum we explore both Parliamentary and other methods of law making, so this exercise was a great opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of these modules by practising them in a real-life setting.”

Emma goes on to describe the College’s Law courses as being highly interactive, made up of lively discussions and active debates. She continues: “We cover a lot of exciting topics that often aren’t black and white. By studying an array of serious issues around morals, human rights, family and more, students are able to confidently argue different viewpoints with supporting evidence, simulating that of actual law practice. It is an exciting and challenging subject where we encourage students to develop their assertiveness and exercise different approaches to the many grey areas of law, all with the support and comfort of small and personable class settings.”

Study trips, guest speakers and meeting industry representatives such as magistrates, police officers and local MPs form a large part of the Law and Criminology curriculums. Andover College offers BTECs in Applied Law and Criminology, as well as a Law A Level to suit anyone with an interest in the practice, all of which achieved 100% pass rates in 2016.

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