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Andover College Celebrate the release of awarded Student PodcasT

Andover College celebrated the launch of student led podcast, ‘Listen in at Roche Court’. Funded by the RSA Catalyst Award and Arts Society Wessex, Art and Design students were invited to take part in this podcast project, in collaboration with Roche Court Educational Trust to plan, research, compose and produce 1 of 6 professional podcasts.  

The Roche Court Educational Trust is an independent charity set within the New Art Centre, near Salisbury. The Trust works locally to develop confidence by looking, speaking and thinking about art. As frequent visitors, Roche Court is a reoccurring point of support for Art students at Andover College and the College were delighted to be presented with another opportunity to work with the charity.  

Interviewing world renowned, Chilean ceramic artist, Fernando Casasempere, Andover Campus students were tasked with holding preparation sessions which set out to explore the artist, their work and to consider the main topics and themes their podcast would endeavour to explore and prepare their questions to reflect this.  

Recording sessions then followed at Roche Court in the Artists’ House, whereby students got to meet Fernando Casasempere and put their plans to the test whilst thinking on their feet to extend questioning and encourage Casasempere to expand on their discussion to achieve maximum engagement. Students fully embraced the day and enjoyed every element, Fernando Casasempere said: “The day we met at Roche Court I was so impressed with how well prepared this group of young people came”. 

Following professional production and sound engineering the podcast has now aired on Spotify and Buzzsprout. This was a captivating experience for the students involved, broadening their understanding of production, gaining insight into the world of podcasts and an inside look into the mind of incredible artists.  

Carlie Windows, Andover Campus Art and Design Lecturer said: “Our Fantastic podcast project with Fernando Casasempere was an incredible opportunity for our students. It was a pleasure to watch the students get to completely decide how they wanted the podcast to be structured and to see their dedication and hard work unfold within this project. We are delighted to be able to share the final product!”  

Many thanks to Roche Court Educational Trust, Fernando Casasempere and Podcast producers Dan Coggins and Zach James for your time, support and the wonderful opportunity from all of us at Andover College.  

Listen to the podcast here: 

Apple: Listen in at Roche Court on Apple Podcasts 

Spotify:  Listen in at Roche Court | Podcast on Spotify