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High School Musical

We’re all in this together…

The Performing Arts department at Andover College have showcased their talent and skills in this year’s musical performance, High School Musical. Following on from their successful live streamed pantomime, the Performing Arts team took on the challenge of producing a full-blown musical this year.

The Musical was the first show, in the past two years, where the college has been able to welcome back an audience. Filling their own 100 seat theatre, the 1803, to half capacity, the college were able to ensure government guidance was followed whilst giving their students an opportunity to perform in front of family and friends.

Students have been rehearsing since the start of the year, with the first two months of rehearsals being online due to the national lockdown. The performance brought students and staff together  from across the college. The Performing Arts, Music and Dance students worked together on various elements of the performance and Stage Management students took charge of set design, lighting and sound for each of the three shows. The college’s Carpentry department were involved in creating parts of the set.

Head of Performing Arts, Rob Collier said: “Putting a musical on during a Pandemic has been a huge challenge but one that all of the students have risen too. The collaborative nature of all courses to make this happen is something that I am very proud of. From Performing Arts, Dance, Stage Management, Music and even Carpentry, it really highlights the community feel of Andover College. I have been very impressed with the professionalism and dedication of all students to adapt to the changing environment with the covid restrictions. They have all been a pleasure to work with.”

Daisy Pullen, Andover College Performing Arts student, said: “Playing Gabriella has been an incredible opportunity for me. I feel it has really helped me to develop my confidence and performance skills. It’s a real achievement that we have managed to put together this show to such a high standard during these uncertain and difficult times. I’m really proud of what we have accomplished, and I cannot thank our hardworking cast, crew and lecturers enough.”

Eray Tozer, Andover College Performing Arts student, said: “Having the opportunity to play the role of Troy Bolton in my first year has made my time at Andover College so rewarding. I have gained and developed skills such as motivation and the ability to work with others. It has been a difficult journey regarding lockdown. We have all worked extremely hard as a collective, I’d like to thank all the cast, crew, lecturers and audience for allowing this show to be possible and I am excited to further my studies in the next year.”

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