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Media Studies – A Level


Level 3



Type of study

School Leavers




2 Years

The media is the most dynamic, innovative and influential method of mass communication of modern times. It has been reported that adults in Great Britain are consuming media for almost 8 hours a day. That’s 8 hours a day watching films and television, reading newspapers, and sifting through online media. Within that time, we are bombarded by other people’s representations of the world and how we respond to these representations can affect our perceptions of people, places and society, of politics and culture, of ourselves and of our place in the world. Media Studies is a vital tool necessary to understanding the media’s significance and its power. 

Five GSCES’s a grade  9 – 4, including a grade 4 or above in English Language. BTEC Level 2 qualification considered in subject related courses. No prior study in this area is required.    


As a Media Studies student, you will analyse how media products use language and representations to create meaning. You will learn about the media industry and how the industry affects how media products are made. You will investigate media audiences, exploring who are the people who watch, read and consume the products and considering how different people might respond to products differently, and why. You will study many different media forms, such as: Television, Online Media, Film Marketing, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Video Games, Music Video and Advertising.  


Component 1 – Media Products, Industries and Audiences 

Component 2 – Media Forms and Products in Depth 

Component 3 – Cross-Media Production 


There is a huge array of career opportunities in the media, which is an industry that is growing at an exponential rate. If you are looking for a job in this area, studying Media at A-Level and at degree level is a route into careers such as TV and film production, advertising, journalism, interactive media, and digital marketing. It could help to provide you with the foundation to secure roles in technical production, special effects, web design and post-production. 


We have run a variety of residential trips and tend to do so every academic year destinations have included Berlin, Disneyland Paris and New York. A number of smaller trips are also organised – these tend to differ year on year.  


Dedicated classrooms and an onsite cinema. Equipment and relevant software available for all students. 

You will be taught in our Andover Sixth building and will have access to many different facilities, including: 2 study centres, a Library, A canteen and the Careers Hub.