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Andover college students

History – A Level


Level 3



Type of study

School Leavers




2 Years

You will have three examined units of study: Britain Transformed: 1918–1997, The USA: 1920–1955 and Protest & Agitation: 1780–1928 – in addition to a guided independent study.

For our British study we will pay close attention to the post-war developments, such as the NHS, immigration and consumerism, and consider the ways these have impacted the country.

In our American study we begin with the Roaring Twenties – an exciting period of glamour and gangsterism. From this we move into the Great Depression and explore the ways the American government and citizens fought its way out of economic darkness.

Protest & Agitation looks at ‘change from below’ – covering various protest movements from the 18th to 20th centuries. The focus is on how ordinary people, not government leaders, fought for their rights and to make positive change.

Within each of these three units we will be exploring the decisions, actions and responses of those who lived at the time; and considering the impact this has had on how we live now.

Five GCSEs at grade 9–4, with a minimum grade 4 in English language


You will cover the following topics:

Britain Transformed: 1918–1997

The USA: 1920–1955

Protest & Agitation: 1780–1928


Through ongoing class based assessment through regular essay writing. Exams at the end of Year 1 to progress to Year 2 and final A level Exams in the end of your second year.   


History hones your analytical, research and academic writing skills, all of which are transferable in the world of work. In higher education you will have a head start, having already practised referencing, writing long essays and developing many of the thinking and presentation skills required at degree level.

You will go on a number of field trips and excursions including: The Imperial War Museum and a Trip to Washington DC 


You will be taught in our Andover Sixth building and will have access to many different facilities, including: 2 study centres, a Library, A canteen and the Careers Hub.