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Coronavirus Testing Information

When students return to college, we expect to continue to be required to deliver a testing service.

Whilst all students are urged to get tested on their return to College to help protect themselves and the wider student community, participation in testing is voluntary and will not be administered without the consent of the student undergoing the test as well as the parent or carer of any student aged under 18 years of age. For students under 18, parents and guardians are asked to urgently return the consent form you received in your original letter from us as soon as possible to allow us to put sufficient testing provision in place.

The College is working with NHS Test & Trace to set up an on-campus Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS) of Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) so that students without symptoms, who may be infectious but unaware, are able to get tested and self-isolate if positive or to be reassured quickly if they are not. 

how to take a coronavirus self test swab

Who can book a Covid test at the Andover test centre? 

Covid tests for those who are not showing symptoms of the virus are available to all students, plus all staff at Andover. We are encouraging everyone who is eligible to take a test as soon as they return to the campus. The Covid test centre will be located in the Drama Theatre at the Andover Campus. 

How do I take a Covid test? 

Information on how to access your Covid test when you return to Andover has been provided in the letter sent out over the Christmas break. The Covid test centre will be located in the Drama Theatre at the Andover campus. 

These tests are suitable for you if you do not have symptoms of the virus. 

If you are experiencing Covid symptoms you should self-isolate and book a Covid PCR test through in line with government guidance.  

Do I need to self-isolate between the two tests? 

You do not need to self-isolate between the two Covid tests if the first test is negative. Please remember to follow good practice by washing your hands, or use hand sanitiser regularly, wear a face covering and maintain social distancing. 

Is taking a Covid test compulsory? 

Taking an asymptomatic Covid test isn’t compulsory although we do recommend it to keep our student and staff community safe. We have seen they are beneficial in helping to identify people with the virus who may not be displaying symptoms and are potentially unintentionally passing the virus to others. 

If you decide not to get tested you may wish to reduce your social contact with others for a period of time, around 10 days is recommended. 

Whether you have a test or not, basic measures such as washing your hands, wearing a face covering and maintaining social distancing are all important measures that help to reduce the risk of infection. 

Can I go on to campus and/or attend face to face activity between the two Covid tests? 

You can attend campus between taking two Covid asymptomatic tests if the first test was negative. While on campus please remember to follow the safety measures in place, use the hand sanitiser stations, wear a face covering and observe social distancing. 

If the first test was positive please follow the government guidelines, self-isolate and arrange a confirmatory PCR test– . 

When you arrive at the college, there will be a one way system which will direct you to The 1803 Drama theatre.

You will join a socially distanced queue before going to the registration desk

At the registration desk, you will receive a registration card and 3 barcodes. 1 of the barcodes is to go on the registration card and 2 are to be given to your test assistant)

You will need to scan the QR code on your smartphone and then follow the instructions on screen. (There will be staff available to help those who do not  have a smartphone)

Once you have completed registration, you will enter the drama theatre and be directed to a personal booth.

You will pass your spare barcodes to the test assistant and read the instructions on the wall

Then santise your hands and remove your face covering

Your test assistant will pass you a swab and talk you through how to conduct the test – you can view instructions on how to do the test in the video above. (The college Nurse will be on hand to help people who are unable to conduct the test themselves)

Once you have completed the test, you will place your swap in a test tube that the test assistant will hold out

You will then clean down your booth with antibacterial wipes, santise your hands and put on your face covering

You will exit the booth and the drama theatre, following the one way system and your results will be texted/ emailed to you via NHS Track and Trace.