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At Andover College we have established a reputation as a welcoming, inclusive college and pride ourselves on knowing all our students individually, offering personalised learning and support, so each student can achieve their full potential.

We have great stats 

Andover College has consolidated its position as one of the top A-level providers in the region with an incredible 99.4% A Level pass rate* that many will struggle to match. The college is in the top 4% of all colleges nationally in the UK for value added and has once again proved that its holistic and personalised philosophy helps students  achieve more at the college than they would have anywhere else, moving on to top university destinations.



“Due to being naturally very anxious, I was very scared to confront too much change all at once, the idea of college scared me. Andover College has helped me be less afraid and make great leaps of faith personally and within my education. My time here has been so enjoyable, I’m no longer scared of the education system and thank Andover College for that!


“The quality of teaching is superb; each student receives individual support and guidance. All members of staff go the extra mile to ensure students are respected and valued as individuals”