Stay Near – go far! University level courses on your doorstep.

HNCs are a great way to start on the degree level route without having to commit to the full three or four years. They are undergraduate qualifications but take less time and were created to prepare you for specific careers.

We offer them in our specialisms which ensures consistency and quality of teaching and learning. The benefit is that you can then go on to complete a full degree, ‘top up’ to a HND or are ready to go straight into industry.

What is a HNC?

A Higher National Certificate (HNC) takes one year to complete and is the equivalent of the first year at university – a Level 4 qualification. HNCs are vocationally focused and can lead straight on to a career. They’re a great stepping stone up to a higher  qualification, as you can choose to ‘top up’ to a HND or to a full bachelor’s degree.