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Sheriese Bacon

English Language, Communications and Culture A Levels and Drama BTEC

Future Plans: Working with children in the education sector

Previous School: Harrow Way Community School


“I chose to study these courses at Andover College because I have a strong passion for each individual subject. I was amazed at the enthusiasm my course lecturers have for their subjects and it was enlightening that my passions were shared with academics. These courses at Andover College offer unique learning experiences that are challenging and intriguing, ultimately making them really enjoyable. The course content in all my subjects is delivered in a way that isn’t just ‘textbook’; creative teaching techniques are applied to all my lessons which make my courses so much better and more interesting to learn.

My most enjoyable part of studying at college has been learning English Language with the best lecturer I have ever had, Rob Price. English is one subject in particularly that I absolutely love and it has been amazing to learn it in a comfortable environment with dynamic and interesting units you wouldn’t expect.

After I have finished college I plan on working full time in a nursery. I have secured a place in Egg Day nursery for the end of June to work practically and complete a NVQ. Later on, after I become a qualified practitioner I want to continue to work with children but take a more specialise route into Language Acquisition.

If it wasn’t for Andover College I’m not sure I would have found my desired career path and have had the confidence to pursue it. Andover is a truly amazing college, with its friendly atmosphere and outstanding lecturers that are happy to help you in any way they can, either by catering to specific learning needs or finding time to fit in with you!”

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