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Nathan Mountain

Creative Media Level 3 BTEC

Future Plans: To grow and expand a Media Production company with my creative partner, Megan

Previous School: Test Valley School


“Making videos has always been my biggest passion and it’s what I find myself doing almost all the time. The course itself I chose because the college is local and I thought it could help me fine-tune all my skills and give me the qualifications that I would need for future endeavours.

Besides from the people in my class and the amazing lecturers that have made this experience unforgettable, the highlight of my college experience would be the freedom that we have been given to create independently. Other colleges I’ve been to would give strict guidelines to follow and really pin down your creativity, but what I found is that Andover College encouraged it and allowed us to explore our abilities.


Near the end of my studies, my creative partner Megan and I were offered an incredible opportunity to partner with a local business who will be running almost all media that goes on within the area over the next few years. We got this opportunity from our lecturer, Peter Hearn, recommending us to them for help with a project to do with the local elections which they ended up being very impressed with. Because of this is opportunity, I am hoping to be running my own Production company within the next few months.Without Andover College, I wouldn’t have even had this opportunity and the eye-opening, creative and fun aspects of my course are what I’ll remember fondly as I progress into the industry.”


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