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Natalie Thomas

Access to HE: Combined Sciences


Future Plans: To become a dietitian working for the NHS and do a further sports nutrition degree

Secondary School: A long time ago…. But John Hanson, leaving in 2003!


“I chose Andover College as it’s my local college and offers the access course and I had heard that the course here is very good (which I can confirm it is, although very challenging too).

I have enjoyed meeting new people and learning so much, I never thought I would understand and learn as well as I have done.  Coming back into education after 12 years I have enjoyed doing the assignments and challenging myself in new ways and the support given from the college has been excellent.

I have a conditional offer at Plymouth University which is where I plan to go and do a 3 year Dietetics degree, then my plan is to work as a dietitian in the NHS for a while before doing a further degree in sports nutrition to expand my knowledge and work with athletes.

Even though I didn’t like the core studies at first I feel the work we have done has helped me learn about the academic skills needed at University level including presenting, critical thinking and essay planning and writing.  I think because the access course has a similar structure to University academics although a lower level and involves many assignments and exams overlapping it has been excellent preparation.”


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