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Megan Townsend

Creative Media Level 3 BTEC

Future Plans: To grow and expand a Media Production company with my creative partner, Nathan

Previous School: The Stonehenge School


“The thing I have enjoyed most about my time at Andover College is the freedom we were given within our course to go out and create, to come up with our own ideas and to ultimately make something amazing. I also enjoyed the people I worked with throughout my course – both students and lecturers – who have the same passion for creation as I do.

I chose to study this course for one main reason: for as long I can remember I have loved everything media related, especially books and film. I found that with these two types of media you could create a world completely different from our own – one that others could escape to, away from their everyday lives. I took up this course so that I could learn the skills needed to create these worlds and characters so that I can ultimately create a place where people would want to get lost within.

My time studying at Andover altogether has been both knowledgeable and fun, thanks to the projects I’ve been a part of and the expertise that have prepared me for my future. College has given me skills and knowledge that have helped further my ability to create media content, and the course and lecturers have given me confidence in my script-writing and storytelling skills – something that I used to struggle with previously. In fact, I noticed in my studies that whenever one student didn’t understand something, my lecturers always took extra time to explain the topic in a different way so that everyone had an equal understanding and therefore learn and grow.

My main lecturer, Pete recommended my peer Nathan and I to a local media business who are currently recommending us to their clients so that we can create media content that they’re after. If we had not worked hard and done well throughout our studies, this opportunity would not have come our way. In fact, if I had not come to Andover College I wouldn’t have had the connections needed to be involved with this great opportunity at all!



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