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Megan Crouch

English, Psychology and Biology

Future Plans: Gap year, then University to study English to become a Speech Therapist

Secondary School: John Hanson

“I chose to study English, Psychology and Biology at Andover College as they seemed interesting and enjoyable, as well as setting me up perfectly for my next step.

If I had to sum up what I enjoy the most it would be the people. Everyone says it but really everyone’s so lovely. The lecturers are so open and available whenever you need them, whether they teach you or not which is something that really surprised me. All of the lecturers are willing to go the extra mile to de-stress as exam periods are nearing with as much extra help as you need. Being a small college is great, everyone seems to know each other so the atmosphere is always a happy one. The friendships I have made through college are friendships I hope to genuinely keep.

I am planning on having a gap year hopefully doing some volunteer work within a speech therapy unit in a hospital as well as volunteering at newspapers and travelling the world! Then my plans are to go to university (hopefully Cardiff) and study English with the aim to become a Speech Therapist for those who have suffered through trauma such as strokes or other brain damage.

College made me realise that there isn’t always one way to reaching your goals, everyone learns and thrives differently and if it takes you that little bit longer than everyone else it’s okay.

I always knew exactly what I wanted to do through secondary school and all the way up through college however Andover college has helped me realise there are other paths towards my goals that before I hadn’t even thought of. College has been a life lesson, I’ve never known a week full of so much stress but when I was struggling and needed the help I received all the support I needed and that’s why I am so glad to have chosen Andover College.”

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