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Lucas Boulton

English Language, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Media and Extended Project Qualification (Creative Writing) 

Future Plans: Studying English Language and Creative Writing at University of Brighton

Previous School: Harrow Way Community School


“Before Andover College, I was tentative to progress anywhere – I had no idea about my future, what was achievable or what I really wanted to do. Originally, I had opted for scientific subjects but then changed to more creative A-Levels because I enjoyed them more in school. I felt that it was best to pursue subjects that I could really excel in and demonstrate my individuality.

Out of all of my courses, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in Creative Writing has been an excellent experience as it is similar in setup to dissertation study at university, in that it is very independent and a big undertaking spread over a long period of time. All of my courses taught me how to manage my time wisely, and work on several projects at once. Outside of the content, Andover College has also been a great supportive environment that has facilitated my development as a person – I am now fully prepared and looking forward to the future.

The lecturers have been a joy to work with – they are not only knowledgeable but make lessons engaging and fun so that class times were my favourite. I don’t even mind getting up in the morning to come to College! I will miss them all after I complete my studies and I’m grateful for the support they’ve provided in realising my academic, creative and personal potential.

After college, I will be going to university in the vibrant city of Brighton since they allow you to take modules from any courses, which means I can combine my love of art, media and English. I aim to hone my creative writing skills with the hopes of going into publishing novels and comics in the future.

My time at Andover College has equipped me with the confidence and knowledge I need to move forward in life as well as the friends to do it with. No matter how scared you are to come to College and start something new, the lecturers will make you comfortable because they 100% have your best interests at heart and will ensure you fit right in… Or stand out, if that’s more your style!


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