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Jade Anderson

Dance Level 3 Extended Diploma

Future Plans: To attend a dance school

Previous School: St Edmunds Girls’ School


“I chose the extended Dance programme at Andover College because I had heard great things about it’s reputation from current students. I had previously studied Dance at secondary school and really enjoyed it so it was something I really wanted to pursue full-time.

I’ve just completed the first year in the two year programme, and so far what I’ve enjoyed most is the people. Everyone is really nice and my peers are amazing dancers! The experience so far has been unique, fun and interesting.

College has helped me to gain insight into the field of professional dance. Performances in the College and the local theatre as well as external opportunities set up by the College have helped me to build my confidence on stage. Workshops have also helped me to explore different styles of dance. I hope I can further my experience by going on auditions in my second year to get more performing experience, as I would love to attend a dance school after I complete my course.”

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