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Andover College is situated within half a mile of both the bus and train stations, ensuring it is easily accessible to students from both Andover and the surrounding area.

Andover College offers a number of subsidised tickets on Campus buses, Stagecoach buses and South West trains. The annual cost is variable dependent upon your preferred travel choice, however all passes are payable in ten affordable interest free monthly instalments, if you apply before the start of term and you may be able to apply to the learner support funds for assistance.

Transport Update

College Taxi

If you require travel to Andover College and there is no public service from your area to get you to the College, it may be possible for the College to subsidise a taxi from your area. This will be dependent on student numbers and financial viability. It is important to register your interest when you receive registration forms for the College. Areas previously covered include Hurstbourne Tarrant, Newbury, The Winterbournes, Pewsey, Broughton and Upavon.

Students Travelling from Ludgershall or Tidworth

If students reside in the Ludgershall, Tidworth or Chute areas and your household income was under £20819 in the 15/16 tax year Wiltshire Council may be able to provide a subsidized travel pass, at a cost of £175, please see below how to apply. However, if your annual income was above this and you require a travel pass please follow the instructions to apply via the College.

How to Apply – Ludgershall, Tidworth & Chute

Please contact Wiltshire Council on 01225 713398 or go to If you require assistance with SEN travel you should contact 01225 713308 to discuss your requirements.

When to Apply – Ludgershall, Tidworth & Chute

You should obtain an application form from Wiltshire Council as above and apply before 30th June.

When to Apply to the College for Travel

It is advisable to apply early, where possible before the end of June, in order for your pass to arrive at the start of term. The relevant link will be emailed to you, if you do not receive this or require a paper copy of the application please contact us.

Special Educational Needs Travel – Hampshire Students

In the 2016/17 academic year if a learner had been statemented at school, and travel is applied for using the county SEN forms, students are expected to contribute £555.00 towards the cost of their transport to college. However, Hampshire County Council may be able to fully fund travel in certain circumstances. For further details or to apply please contact Hampshire County Council’s transport team on 01962 845970 or go to