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Philosophy and Ethics, Classics and Modern History

Future Plans: Modern and Ancient History at Exeter University

“I have enjoyed my time at Andover College because you have the ability to grow and develop as a person as well as academically. I also enjoyed spending time with the friends I have made and everything I have learned from my courses.

I feel that I have overcome a great deal of hurdles, and although I acknowledge there is some way to go, the progress I have made at Andover has surprised me and I really couldn’t be happier. For anyone struggling with mental health issues, just know that victory is within sight, you can overcome and reach your true potential, sometimes all you need is a helping hand, and that is what I’ve got at Andover.

The achievement I’ve made is not only a victory for me but something I want to share with everyone who helped me! Love yourself and remember, it’s never the end but just the beginning of something great.”

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