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First Principals in Applied Science – Level 2 BTEC First award


Level 2



Type of study

School Leavers




1 year

This Level 2 Science course provides you with an introduction to important science disciplines which will develop your knowledge and understanding of biology, chemistry and physics. You will be encouraged to pose scientific questions and define scientific problems. Practical activities are used to underpin theory so that a wider awareness is gained in how science impacts on our everyday life.  

Lecturers are educated to masters’ level in related subjects, and are regular contributors to scientific publications and societies.  You should have an interest in the living world, be committed to studying independently and willing to extend your knowledge of scientific processes 


No grades needed but must take Level 2 maths and English alongside course, if not already achieved.  


Biology – nerves and hormones, the use and abuse of drugs, energy and biomass in food chains and genetic variation and its control 

Chemistry – building materials, metals and their uses, crude oil and fuels and changes in the Earth and its atmosphere  

Physics – energy and efficiency, the usefulness of electrical appliances, electricity and the use of waves for communication 

How Science Works 


Coursework and final assessment 


Biological Sciences 

Health and social care 








GCSE Science (alongside other necessary entry requirements is an approved route into A Level) 

BTEC Level 3 courses 


Trips to Sparsholt is an options to view their courses at the end of the year.  


You will have access to a suite of superbly equipped laboratory facilities divided between physics, biology, chemistry and environmental science.  

You have access to well-equipped laboratories which have been recently modernised and been much admired as a great practical learning space as well as support from our science technicians.