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Accounting class at Andover College

Mathematics – Further Maths – A Level


Level 3



Type of study

School Leavers




2 Years

A Level Further Mathematics is designed to broaden your mathematical knowledge and skills. It needs to be studied with A Level Mathematics and will provide you with stimulating experience if you enjoy Maths. This course helps you to develop excellent analytical skills that will transfer into whatever area you are considering for a career. 

Six GCSEs at grade 9–4, including a grade 8 in Maths or above.  


n both years of the A Level course, you will study Further Core and Applied Mathematics.  

Further Core delves into the topics:  

  • Complex numbers 
  • Matrices 
  • Polar coordinates 
  • Roots of Polynomials 
  • Further Calculus 
  • Differential equations

Applied topics include:  

  • Decision: Networks, algorithms, graph theory, critical path analysis. 
  • Mechanics: Energy, Power, Collisions. 
  • Statistics: Discrete random variables, Poisson distribution, Hypothesis testing and Contingency tables. 


Four exam papers, each 1½ hours long at the end of the second year. Scientific calculators are allowed for all papers. 


This course can help you to progress on to any mathematically rich degree such as Pure Maths, Maths Engineering, Statistics etc. This can lead to a wide variety of careers including engineering, aerospace, biosciences, accountancy and exploration geophysics. 


Maths Inspiration trip in the Autumn term; UK Senior Team Challenge as well as the individual challenge. 


You will be taught in our Andover Sixth building and will have access to many different facilities, including: 2 study centres, a Library, A canteen and the Careers Hub.