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Film Studies – A Level


Level 3



Type of study

School Leavers




2 Years

Film is one of the main cultural innovations of the 20th century and a major art form of the last hundred years. Those wishing to study Film Studies characteristically bring with them a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement for what is a powerful and culturally significant medium. 

Five GSCES’s a grade  9 – 4, including English Language. BTEC Level 2 qualification considered in subject related courses. No prior study in this area is required.    


There is so much more to Film Studies than simply watching films. When watching a film, we might regard it as relaxation or escapism. However, the in-depth study of film involves coming from a very different starting point. As well as gaining an appreciation of film as an art form in terms of its visual storytelling, studying film can enhance your understanding of the world in terms of competing values, attitudes and beliefs. This course also incorporates a creative production element where you will be able to put what you have learnt into practice by making a short film or writing a screenplay. 


Component 1 –  

Varieties of Film and Filmmaking 

Component 2 –  

Global Filmmaking Perspectives 

Component 3 –  



Employment in the screen industries has grown by over 20% since 2009 and will substantially outpace the economy wide increase of 3% if the skills shortages in this area are fulfilled. Career paths for students of Film may include practical avenues such as Film-Making, Directing, Producing and Editing but a qualification in Film Studies also allows you to move into more theoretical pathways such as Film Criticism, Journalism, Teaching and Education. 


We have run a variety of residential trips and tend to do so every academic year destinations have included Berlin, Disneyland Paris and New York. A number of smaller trips are also organised – these tend to differ year on year. 


Dedicated classrooms and an onsite cinema. Equipment and relevant software available for all students.  

You will be taught in our Andover Sixth building and will have access to many different facilities, including: 2 study centres, a Library, A canteen and the Careers Hub.