Andover College’s Computer Science students take on Reading Festival

Andover College’s Computer Science Students were recently challenged with the task of creating a new application that allows people to order tickets for Reading Festival. The biggest challenge of all being that they only had 5 hours to do it!

The students were given 5 hours to create the new application, making sure they included tickets for Day or Weekend Passes, Display Line-ups for the days they are attending and extras. They had to make sure that the app was easy to use and accessible for all. The students also had to calculate the cost of how much the application would be to run.

The students were put into small groups so that they could put their heads together and think about ideas for the new app. After the 5 hours were up, they had to present their new creation and explain how it had been done. The apps were all bespoke to the festival and had all the features you would need to get your tickets.

The students used various programming languages to create the applications including Python, VB, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Computer Science Lecturer, Edward, said: “This project allowed the learners to explore different programming languages and Extreme Programming (XP). It gave the learners a taste of what they could explore for their Programming Project they complete in the second year of their course. After the project the students started to consider different possibilities for their projects which included games, simulations, word processing applications, databases”

All students succeeded in the challenge and it has helped with preparation for their big project in their second year. Congratulations to all the students who took part!