Andover College Music Student releases new track on a New York Record Label

Ben Nightingale, also known as Zepplar, is a Second Year Music student at Andover College. Ben has officially realised ‘Love You’ on a New York Record Label ‘Spira Music’ and is realising a new track ‘Make It Better’ in the forthcoming weeks.

This is a major milestone for 18 year old Ben.  Music is a form of expression for Ben and he creates his music by allowing his imagination to take form through sound and mine. All things summer were the main inspirations for this track.

Ben has been a student at Andover College for the past two years, studying Music Production and Music Performance. He has been creating music since he was 12 years old and has always had a passion for music.

Ben said: “I would like to Thank Andover College and my lecturer for the last two years! It has been an incredible experience and I definitely recommend this course to anyone who loves music. I am looking forward to my future as I am hoping to further my music production and DJ skills at Point Blank Music School, London.”

We wish Ben the best of luck in the future! You can stream ‘Love You’ on Spotify and Soundcloud.