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Digital Technology is the fastest growing industry in the UK accounting for a whopping 1.4 million jobs!

Welcome to your digital future! At Andover College we’ve designed a new way of teaching those vital digital skills that will give you a head start at university or with employers.

We’ve been talking to employers who say their most valuable staff combine technical IT skills such as coding and networking with an understanding of the creative skills required for Game Design, Film Making or Animation… and of course everyone needs to be able to apply mathematical skills to their work.

Digital Futures brings together all the inter-related subjects so you develop the complete package of skills for your future – giving you choice and opportunity. We’ve created a digital hub where you can work collaberatively on projects so technical wizards work with creatives and vice versa.

Using specialist equipment from green screens to editing suites, network technology to cutting edge software – we are leading the way in this important area of development with the backing of top employers.

So make sure you’re ahead of the pack when it comes to university or jobs – get your Digital Future sorted at Andover College.


Digital Futures Courses


Computer Science

Creative Media Production

Creative Media

Information Technology

Film Studies

Film Making

Fine Art

Graphic Design

Media Studies


3D Design