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Charlie Thomas

Performing Arts Level 3 Extended Diploma

Future Plans: To attend a leading drama school

Previous School: Winton Community Academy

“I have always had a passion for performing and this course was a way for me to develop my abilities whilst learning in a safe and fun environment. I had seen the quality of performances in the past and that really resonated, plus I had come across several excellent reviews for the Arts side of the college as well as their academic successes. This really helped me make up my mind, as the 100% pass rate for students made me more confident that the staff would work with me to make sure I achieved the best of my abilities.

I have enjoyed pushing myself throughout my time at college, learning things about the industry that I wish to go into but also learning lots about myself. Andover College has been my home for the best 2 years and I genuinely owe a lot to the College, as it is responsible for my being the person I am today. I have enjoyed being challenged in ways that I never expected to and in ways that have helped me grow as an actor in a big way.

I want to attend East 15 which is a drama school in Essex – one of the best drama schools in the country in fact. The skills I have acquired in my time here will be essential to me getting accepted next year. College has prepared me for this next step by giving me opportunities to research into the industry and into drama school entry requirements, as well as lecturers giving me one-to-one sessions in regards to what schools to audition for and the audition material best suited for me as an actor. College has also made me far more mature and independent with my learning and this will help me out a great deal when going into higher education.

I’d describe my experience at Andover as insightful, engaging and rewarding. I’d like to thank all of the staff in the Performing Arts department for the constant hard work and compassion that they show us, as this has played a pivotal role in my time at college as well as my peers. They are a bunch of truly amazing teachers who take great pride in their work and this is reflected in the quality of the performances that we performed on a regular basis.”


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