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Beth Thompson

Foundation Art & Design

Future Plans: Winchester Art School

Previous School: Harrow Way Community School


“Andover College was welcoming and appreciative of the arts and made me feel welcome and comfortable. There is more of a family environment making you feel as if you are able to ask for help as and when you need it.

I have enjoyed being able to express myself and be as creative as I want to be. In my final project I was able to go as big and as bold as I wanted to and I really did that. I enjoyed the course so much and would repeat it if I could!

I hope to be able to go to Winchester School of Art in September and start the Graphic Arts course. I hope to have a career within the creative art industry in the future.

College has enabled me to find the skills to be able to push myself further and know where to take my projects next. It has allowed me to know where I can take my thought processes but also given me the knowledge about different artists and research elements.

In a nutshell Andover College is exciting, colourful and creative”.


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